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iPhone 5 is undoubtedly one of the most popular mobile phones at the moment - designers know this, and for that reason they have come up with a wealth of iPhone 5 cases that combine style and elegance with enhanced functionality. The main purpose of a mobile phone case is to offer protection against scratches, falls and water, but these cases offer more than that - they offer class! Chic and innovative, the designer iPhone 5 cases have become very sought-after amongst those who respect both themselves and their phones. Here is an overview of the most popular products available:

1. iPhone 5 Cases From Coach Brand

Coach is a renowned wallets, shoes and jewellery brand, but this hasn't stopped it from releasing a brand new selection of classy cases for the mighty iPhone. The cases are made either from molded plastic (and have a price tag of $38 a piece) or from quality leather, the latter being available for $58 a piece. These cases are suitable for both iPhone 4 and iPhone 5, they come in a variety of colors and designs: blue, orange, brown, leopard print, flowery models and such. The molded plastic cases come in a special Coach gift box.

2. Cases From Gucci

Gucci is another world-renowned brand, and this Iphone 5 case collection seems to be very environmentally friendly, given the fact that the cases are made from bio-plastic material or silicone. The cases are made in Italy and they are bio-degradable, meaning that they do not harm the environment in any way. The shells are flexible yet strong enough to provide increased protection against cuts and abrasions, and they are very impact resistant as well. Simple yet very stylish at the same time, the Gucci iPhone 5 cases can be purchased for $95.

3. Marc Jacobs Cases

Marc Jacobs has released a series of cases as well, and there are four different lines. The first line contains cases made from durable plastic (available in black and purple/pink and they have an exquisite lace print) and they have a price tag of $38. The second line is made from PVC and can be purchased for $42, while the third line consists of funny cases that depict various animals (available in purple, green, yellow or orange, made from silicone and cost $48). Last, but not least, the fourth Marc Jacobs iPhone 5 case line consists of PVC cases that resemble aluminum foil and can be purchased for $38.

4. Michael Kors

Michael Kors has also released some stylish Iphone 5 cases that are made from plastic and have the classic "MK" model. Available in various colors from black and white to pink and brown, these cases cost no more than $38.

5. Kate Spade New York

This case line is very intricate in terms of design, the cases are made either from resin or silicone and they cost $40, respectively $35. Those who are interested in Kate Spade New York cases can opt either for colored cases or cases that have various motivational messages or drawings, some of which are abstract yet very appealing. Silicone is known to be highly durable in the long run, therefore one cannot go wrong with such an iPhone case.

6. Tory Burch

Tory Burch, the well-known brand for women's designer apparel, accessories and shoes, has released several unique and interesting cases as well. The plastic cases cost no less than $50, while the silicone cases (with a funny lobster embedded) have a price tag of $45. On the other hand, the Viva iPhone silicone cases by Tory Burch can also be purchased for $45, while the synthetic/polycarbonate cases are slightly more expensive and can be bought for $65.

7. Ted Baker London

Last, but not least, Ted Baker London has launched four models of cases for iPhone 5. Imported and made from high-quality plastic, these cases cost $40 and they depict various models and patterns - some of them are perfectly clear (such as the flower pattern for women) while others are abstract. Either way, the Ted Baker London cases are definitely a great addition to every iPhone 5.


The bottom line is that the above-mentioned designers have combined usability and practicability with style, resulting in versatile and chic cases that can be used for years without wearing off. The prices are directly proportional to the quality of the material, the complexity of the design as well as to the reputation of the brand that manufactures and sells them.[/span2]




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