iPhone cases infographic

iPhone Cases Info-Graphic

iphone cases info-graphic


Designer iPhone cases are all the rage now, with normal people and celebrities from all over the world rushing to purchase their very own ones. Why is that? Well, it's not only because the iPhone is an amazing top-level device which needs adequate protection, but also because these cases are able to enhance its standard look even further.

Want some cool iPhone cases to highlight your unique, young personality? Then you can't go wrong choosing the Kate Spade New York iPhone cases. These ones come in a number of 12 designs, each of them distinguishing itself in a fun and eye-catching manner.

At the same time, Marc by Marc Jacobs also features a range of eye-catching iPhone cases, which are created according to different people' personalities. Therefore, if you'd like to put a smile on your friends' face, then you definitely have to check out the Animal Creatures cases. On the other hand, if you're style is a solid one and you want to make a bold statement wherever you go, then the Burnout Lace iPhone cases are likely to suit you more.

If you would rather opt for something more simplistic, yet equally attractive, than the MICHAEL Michael Kors cases are definitely worth of a try-out for you. Basically, Michael Kors' iPhone covers features the designers' initials, all highlighted on different background colors.

If you're out for something innovative and truly unique, than you can't miss the awesome iPhone cases offered by Tory Burch. Her Lobster cases are by far one of the most intriguing and lively creations to date, and will help you get remarked in milliseconds. The Viva cases are equally interesting, being able to match a creative and young lifestyle. For something more refined, one should have a look at the Robinson Print and Kariba cases.

Coach has been in the designers' world for year, and he recently made his launch on the iPhone cases segment. They virtually have two ranges of these products. The first one represents cases made of leather and molded to iPhone's design, which will specifically fit business people and those with a more sober (yet creative) lifestyle. The second one represents cases made of molded plastic in a wide selection of designs, being more suited to those with an active lifestyle and a young personality.

Finally, those looking for unique iPhone cases can't miss checking out Ted Baker London's offer. These cases have a style for their own, being perfect for younger people and those who want to rediscover youth's magnificence.

Regardless of which designer cases you prefer, The Style Shopper got you covered. Find out more about each designer and affiliated cases by paying a look on the attached iPhone cases infographic.

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