linenMen have some inspired style on hand from the venerable Italian line of Zegna. The house has dressed the rich and famous for decades and is now so well known as to attract a new customer. Fashionable men everywhere love the quality and cachet they get from the brand. The linen jacket this season is no exception and is, in fact, quite a draw. Harking back to the likes of Marcello Masgtroianni, a steller rolel model, it is loaded with the sartorial splendor of days gone by.

You can‘t feel more dressed up than in this well-cut blazer. Paired with simple trousers in light neutrals, it is pure pizzazz. It is more than mere nostalgia. It is a jacket of the moment—super flattering and chic. Featuring a three-button cut, the well-tailored garment also has patch pockets for easy appeal. It is a polished look to be sure, but not too formal for this casual era. Rather, the linen blazer has just the right amount of everyday sophistication.

With Zegna, you always get a superb fit. Along with fabric, what else is there! It drapes beautifully and completely conforms to the body. It will become your go to choice for the balmier months. Elegance is the hallmark of Zegna in all its guises. And their offerings last for seasons—never going out of style. You truly get your money‘s worth with this line.

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