coach (2)Coach is popular enough that everyone looks at the new offerings with anticipation. The Borough bag was the last thrill in the venerable line‘s evolution. As a stellar American brand, it offers great sytle and quality at a fair price. Take the Bleecker Mini Pocket Carryall. This one retails for around $300 and mercifully displays no logo identification. We get tired of the traditional; and hopefully it will command recognition on its own  in one of the many color options available—from acid green to basic black. There are also a few pretty pastels in the mix for spring.

Although small in conception, the bag is not mini in style. It derives from a larger version known as the Bleecker Riley but adds a trendy crossbody strap. Ladies are loving this look of late. Diminutive bags are not an everyday choice, but they do complement light attire so well, especially in warmer climes. The Bleecker Mini is not too dressy to grace bare shoulders come summer time.

The main features of the Coach creation is a nice pebble leather texture, typical of the brand. You can choose between a smooth and a large-grain look. The contrasting structural panels are a nice touch. All and all it is well-designed and modern. No fuss or frills, just good style. The Borough bag lives on.

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